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Welcome! Read this before registering!
« on: August 05, 2004, 02:53:24 AM »
Warning to SPAMMERS - Your topic will be immediately deleted, and your account banned. The forums are monitored and moderated 24 hours a day.

Welcome to our house! Maximum-Suzuki is a private community of motorcycle enthusiasts who own DR's, Bandit's, Katana's, and even some OLD GSX-R's (1980's old). I encourage the owners of those motorcycles to join if they are interested in a well-moderated and civil forum.

We have a great group of genuinely good people here, it's a tight community, and the best on the 'net in my opinion. We welcome new people with open arms, remove those who cant conduct themselves, in order to maintain a positive and fun atmosphere.

Please remember these things, and keep them in mind if you are considering registering:

* You are guest in the house.

* Treat everyone with courtesy and respect at all times.

* There is never, ever any reason or excuse for poor manners or inappropriate behavior.

* ALL Businesses and Vendors who wish to sell or ad their products here are REQUIRED to contact me BEFORE posting anything.

You are free to voice your opinions at any time, and we are free to ask (or force) you to leave as well. As a guest in our house, I expect the common courtesy, and common respect, associated with being a guest.

While a wide latitude of content is allowed, the forums are strictly moderated. The U.S. 1st Amendment does not apply here, if you are one of those infamous 'free thinkers' who believe you can say anything, anywhere you want, no matter how vile it may be, and no consequences should apply to you, this forum is not for you. Please pass this place by, and find somewhere else to go.

In order to see the forums, you must be a registered user and logged-in. There is no unregistered access.

There is additional information in a FAQ pinned in the General Discussion forum, take the time to read it after you register. It is required reading!

Thank you for listening, hope to see you on the forums.


Sean 'Griff' Griffin
1986 GSX-R 750 (Darth Zuki) "No B12, I am your Father..."
2009 BMW R1200RT (The Death Star)

When in DOUBT, READ the FAQ's pinned in General Discussion FIRST.

IF still in DOUBT, ONLY THEN ask an Admin or Moderator.

"You can lead an ASS to water, but you cant make him THINK..."