The reviews contained within these pages are for products specific to the Bandit, Katana, and DR series of motorcycles. We here at Maximum-Suzuki will provide a real-world review of the products we choose to check out. The reviewer is of course entitled to the opinions they write within their articles, but rest assured, manufacturer ass-kissing is never taken into consideration. If its great, we’ll tell you honestly “Its great!”, and if it sucks, we’ll be just as honest. Manufacturers are encouraged to contact us if they believe they have a product they think we should review, but they must be prepared to take the good and/or bad observations/points the reviewer makes. We believe a manufacturer that assumes this ‘risk’ firmly believes in their product, and knows it will withstand the scrutiny of being tested. These reviews are for the benefit of the rider.

Race-Tech, Fox Racing, Holeshot, and Dunlop, make the B12 handle.

Oil Filters
A quick review of a good and bad oil filter for the GSF/GSX engines.

Yellow Box
Electronic Speedometer Calibrator from Black Robotics.

Zero Gravity TS
The new 2001 Bandit Touring windscreen from Zero-Gravity.

Zero Gravity DB
The new 2001 Bandit Double-Bubble windscreen from Zero-Gravity.

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